Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my child is actually addicted to screens (video games, social media, video watching, etc)?

Take my quick 10 question quiz and find out. This is a critical step in identifying true screen addiction, and determining next steps to take with your child depending on how he or she scores.

2. What can I do to take immediate steps to help my child decrease his screen time?

Take the Screen Freedom 7 Day Challenge! It’s the fastest path available today to decreasing your child’s screen time by 33%.

3. I know I should be monitoring my child’s screen time, but I don’t know what software to use. What is your recommendation?

Right now I am recommending Bark as my top monitoring software pick. Check out their website for all the amazing features, get details on what it can do and how to easily set it up.

4. I am worried about my child taking in too much blue light, not getting enough sleep and having eye problems from too much screen time. What can I do?

A fast fix to blocking blue light and help your child get to sleep after screen use in the evening/nighttime is to wear blue light blocking glasses. My favorite company is Swanwick (I have 4 pairs!). They are great for the whole family, and they make children’s versions too.

5. We feel our family needs to take a break from screens but we know that’s going to be hard! We have tried already and weren’t able to do it. Where can we even start to plan something like this so we can be successful?

The best tool to help you through a break from screens (aka a digital detox) of any length is my Digital Detox Success Plan. This is the best resource out there to ensure your family can successfully make it through a short term break from screens.

6. We need serious help with our child as he meets the criteria for screen addiction and we don’t know where to turn. How can we work with you?

I work with a select number of qualifying families 1:1 to help them end screen addiction in their child, tween or teen. If this interests you, please fill out my application here and you will receive a response within 48 hours about next steps.

7. We are interested in having you speak to our group. Is that something you do?

Yes! I present at workshops, conferences, and speak from stage to a variety of audiences. I have also spoken and have been interviewed on dozens of podcasts and summits. Speaking to audiences of all sizes is the best way to share this important information! If you have a request for me to speak, please email my team with the details at If appropriate, a media package will be forwarded for next step information.