Colleen Carroll, EdD

Global Expert in Ending Childhood Screen Addiction.

Are you ready to ace your at-home technology plan and live without stress and worry over screen-time?

I’m in the trenches every day curating the most progressive knowledge in this arena – learning from the best (including ex-video gamers, software designers, clinical researchers and you, the parents) adding what I know about technology, kids, teaching and learning, and then spicing it up with my incurable zeal for mindset and motivational training.

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“Technology can be used to do much good in the world.

Left unchecked, it can also cause harm.

Let’s work together to use screens for the benefit of all.”

Colleen Carroll, EdD


Dr. Carroll helped my family when we thought all hope was lost. Our 14 year old son was video gaming day and night. Nothing we tried was successful in getting him to stop, and it was tearing our family apart. Once we started working with Dr. Carroll, we learned exactly what to do and how to help him. Really, she helped all of us. We are so grateful we found her!

Natalie and Rob D. Alexandria, VA

We had no idea how preoccupied our twins would become with screens when they first began using them. But it became painfully obvious by middle school that as parents, we didn’t have a handle on their technology use and we didn’t know where to start in getting back the control. We were introduced to Dr. Carroll through a friend who was also dealing with internet issues at home, and within a few short months of following the Screen Freedom protocol, we felt we had our happy kids back again. We can’t thank Dr. Carroll enough for helping parents like us, and now we tell everyone about her!

Toby and Laura M. - Colorado Springs, CO

Meet Colleen Carroll, EdD

I’m an educator, speaker, author and advocate for screen freedom!

I help parents crush screen-time strategy in the home so that the kids develop a healthy relationship with technology, and actually want to live and love life in the real world every day.

During my 20 years as an educator in New York State public schools, I’ve watched young children, ‘tweens and teens stop playing with toys and games, stop reading, and even stop interacting on the playground as the ever-increasing presence of technology grew and replaced how humans played, learned, and socialized.

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